A new global psychiatric power? Intro (2020)

More than one year ago I presented the talk “Are we witnessing the emergence of a new global psychiatric power?” at the Royal College of Psychiatrists in London, in the summer of 2019. The (anti)political, technocratic and revolutionary globalist agenda was clearly and unambiguously presented as the one that would have benefitted from phenomena and discourses of mass global psychiatrization. In 2019 such phenomena and prospects were most definitely not under the unprecedented level of attention we are witnessing today in 2020.

The economics of ‘ego death’ (2020)

According to Keynes “the essential characteristic of capitalism” is “the dependence upon an intense appeal to the money-making and money-loving instincts of individuals as the main motive force of the economic machine.” Keynes emphasized the role of the irrational in economic life and talked about “the Freudian theory of the love of money.”

Libertà cyber-psichedelica? (2020)

“La libertà è schiavitù” – George Orwell

Are we witnessing the emergence of a new global psychiatric power? (2019)

The current public psychiatrization of “the most powerful man in the world,” as the media often describe the President of the United States of America, could be seen as a new paradigm shift in contemporary power.

In addition to the increasing use of a psychologized lexicon in everyday speech, a role might be played by such spectacle communicating symbolically, and contributing to, a global cultural shift towards a subjectivist worldview and a progressive de-politicization of citizenship.

Stiamo assistendo alla nascita di un nuovo potere psichiatrico globale? (2019)

L’attuale psichiatrizzazione pubblica dell ‘”uomo più potente del mondo”, come spesso i media descrivono il presidente degli Stati Uniti d’America, potrebbe essere vista come un nuovo cambio di paradigma nel potere contemporaneo.

Oltre al crescente uso di un lessico psicologizzato nel linguaggio quotidiano, un ruolo potrebbe essere giocato da tale spettacolo comunicando simbolicamente e contribuendo a uno spostamento culturale globale verso una visione del mondo soggettivista e una progressiva de-politicizzazione della cittadinanza.