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‘CyPsy’ mind? Cyber super-ego and psychedelic id. Or digital surveillance, mass hallucinogens, and the new ‘black gold’ of the unconscious (2020)

In the CyPsy hypothesis on the mind, as the mind is currently transformed by cyber-psychedelic capitalism, the super-ego becomes largely externalized onto the surveillance digital system, the ego is dissolved, and the id becomes free of internal constraints only to be regulated by the external substitution of the super-ego, which is the digital panopticon of surveillance capitalism making profits.

Huxley on Proust and psychology (2020)

“The invention and development of the modern science of psychology has made us regard as important and interesting a multitude of small odds and ends of thought, emotion and sensation which seemed to our ancestors almost negligible. They did not insist on the phenomena because they were interested primarily in what they regarded as the reality behind them.”

Evola sugli allucinogeni (2020)

“Cavalcare la Tigre”? Sotto l’amministrazione Trump e’ stata approvata nel 2019, nel contesto del piu’ ampio cosiddetto “rinascimento psichedelico”, la prima sostanza allucinogena per una indicazione psichiatrica, la ketamina.

Una visita a casa Freud (2010)

“Lo psicoanalista, come l’archeologo nei suoi scavi, deve scoprire strato dopo strato la psiche del paziente prima di poter arrivare ai piu’ profondi e preziosi tesori” – Sigmund Freud

Trump, spectacle and psyspeak (2020)

“Zimbardo sees reality TV as a logical format for teaching psychology. “The reason reality TV is so popular is because to observe human behavior is fascinating,” he observed. “I spend my whole life doing this.”

L’epidemia di ADHD nel baseball (2009)

Per incredibile che possa sembrare, circa il 10% tra i giocatori professionisti di uno sport in cui l’attenzione è essenziale per vincere ha ricevuto negli ultimi anni una diagnosi psichiatrica di ADHD. Un dato che potrebbe addirittura avviare un’inchiesta del Congresso.


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