NASDAQ, Oregon, and Washington D.C.: three steps towards 21st century cyber-psychedelic global capitalism (2020)

by Federico Soldani – 7th Nov 2020


Three crucial events from the past few weeks have not been in my view under the news spotlight as much as they should have, as the uncertainty surrounding the democratic process in the first constitutional republic of the modern era, the United States of America, has been dominating mass as well as digital media attention.

First, a pharmaceutical company, the British Compass Pathways, dedicated to hallucinogens and related substances in medicine was quoted at the NASDAQ, followed by a few others in recent weeks. Second, with a vote on the date of the presidential election, November 3rd 2020, the state of Oregon has decriminalized all psychotropic substances in limited amounts. Third, the U.S.A. capital Washington, D.C. has decriminalized hallucinogenic substances on the same day.

NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) in 1971 was the world’s first electronic stock market; in 1992 joined with the London Stock Exchange in the first intercontinental linkage of so-called capital markets; and it was the first stock exchange to trade online in 1998: “the stock market for the next hundred years”.  It was also the time of the dot-com bubble in the context of what was referred to as the “new economy.”

Hallucinogens enter the financial stock exchange for technology in New York City, called NASDAQ, via the medical route, as well as the capital of the nation that is an emblem of capitalism, Washington D.C., via the recreational route. Finally, an unprecedented experiment is attempted in the U.S.A. in the state of Oregon, where a vote has decriminalized (not legalized) all psychotropic substances including recreational ones such as cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens including LSD, etc.

The cyber turn of 21st century capitalism is becoming more explicitly cyber-psychedelic, digital as well as hallucinogenic, working to modify common sense and our shared sense of reality.


(Photo from Wikipedia, NASDAQ: the former Italian Minister of the Environment, Galletti, during an interview at Nasdaq; by Luca Marfe’)

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One thought on “NASDAQ, Oregon, and Washington D.C.: three steps towards 21st century cyber-psychedelic global capitalism (2020)

  1. Orlando Sacchelli’s article (in Italian) on which also talks about PsyPolitics and the novelty of hallucinogens in American politics.
    it is the first piece ever in the Italian press and TV to talk about the entry into the Nasdaq stock exchange of companies for hallucinogens in medicine (not even Sole24Ore spoke about it) and also about the Facebook founder who financed the campaign for the decriminalization of drugs including hallucinogens in Oregon.

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